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Top 10 Underlight

Hello there! After our 2 articles on our highlights and balayage, our customers are asking to do another one for underlight too, saying it’s easier to view all in one page instead of scrolling all around our instagram. Haha. Your wish is my command. Let’s do it!

So what is an Underlight?

Underlight, also known as Ombre Underlight, Earloop Highlights, or even Hidden Color, is a coloring style where the hair is only colored on the inside. Depending on an individual’s preference, some might prefer to bleach the earloop area too so that when you tuck the hair back, it shows the beautiful color from the side.

Before we start with the top 10 colors for the underlight, let’s talk about the price.

This is at $128 for the unlimited bleaching and 1 color on the inner layer, for all hair lengths, inclusive of haircut and a miracle oil repair treatment.

In case you’re wondering, it’s called miracle oil because other than the basic moisturizing function, the treatment itself has multiple hair minerals and vitamins to it, hence the name miracle, like an enhanced hair mask.

Let’s start with something that shows you the different looks of an underlight -

Rose Gold

This is how it looks like when the hair is tied, and when the hair is down. Rose Gold is a very nice color for our asian skin tone, with a slightly pinkish but mixed with a modern goldish color.

Rose Pink

Previously when we post this on our Instagram, there was a surge of appointments, especially for this color. I understand the appeal of it, the hot-reddish-rose-pink shade with a black base, how can people not love this? Haha.

Berry Red

By the way, for our creative coloring, we mix our own colors, we don’t use ready-made dyes. For this berry red, if you look carefully, it has a little magenta shade in it, delicately mixed by our stylist.

Light Ash

Ash, the solid remnants of the fire, is a smoke color consisting of blue, green, and black, and together it forms a complicated shade of grey. We made some adjustments to the proportion, which is why you see a little bit of dusty bluish green.

Platinum Blonde

As usual, for us, how can we not customize a blonde shade? This is very similar to an ash blonde instead but rather a lighter version of ash blonde, one that is slightly more creamy than ashy. Personally, this is my second favourite of all.

Ash Purple

While we’re still on the topic of favourites, this would be the most favourite of all. It’s like champagne, it makes you happy and you just love it. I’ll show you 2 photos of the ash purple to prove that this is my favourite. No explanation is needed. Swag!

Light Ash Blue

After all the swag, let’s move on with blue tones! Ash Blue is usually a greyish blue shade but this is a lighter version of it. Still ashy but because it’s lighter so the ash effect is less obvious.

Silver Blue

You might realize it looks similar to the one above, but this has a different proportion with silver pigment too.

Violet + Blue

This is a 2-tone underlight where there are 2 colors on the inner layer. It might be a little difficult to spot the 2 colors as the colors blended quite well. Or if you prefer just one color dark blue, this is equally nice too.

Pink + Blue + Purple

We saved the most creative one for the 10th underlight showcase, a 3-tone underlight. I can only say, a lot of heads will be turned just to take a longer look at the beautiful colors. I can’t guarantee that no necks will be hurt in this process. Haha.

For the underlight promotion at $98, if you’re adding more colors, each extra underlight color will be at $30. For example, the Violet + Blue will be at $98 + $30. The Pink + Blue + Purple will be at $98 + $30 + $30.

If you would like to see more of our hair works, click here to see more balayage, or here to see more highlights, or here to our instagram account.

Or if you just want to see our price list, you can click here.

And... we have reached the end of this article. It’s going to be CNY soon! Share it with your friends if they need ideas for their next hair color. They will love you for doing this! Haha.

We are just a small group of people who love playing with color and doing our best for our clients, our customers, and everyone we know. If you would like to know more about our prices, send us a message on our FB, Instagram, or our Whatsapp. More photos on our Instagram, maybe give us a follow? Haha. Have a great day, stay safe and healthy! :)

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