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Top 10 Balayage That Our Clients Greatly Love

Originated in Paris back in the 1970s, Balayage Au Coton, also known as Balayage, has been one of Color Lush Studio's most popular coloring services. Balayage is known for its smooth color gradient transition between the top base color to the balayage color at the bottom.

Browsing through the list, you might see that we have some special colors like Indigo Blue or shades of Violet. This is because we customize and mix our own colors. Nonetheless, here are our top 10 balayage hair works that our clients love -

Ash Brown

Let's start with a brown shade, ash brown is a really popular color as it does not require too much bleaching and yet is able to produce an elegant ash-y shade.

Indigo Blue

What's an indigo blue, you might ask? The origin of this color is from the plant Indigofera tinctoria, a vibrant dark blue plant with a tinge of purple. To customize this shade of blue, add proportions of green and dark purple to a dark blue and it forms this dark purplish indigo blue.

Ash Blue

This will look different from other Ash Blue because the way we did this is of a different concept. Instead of the base being blue and using grey to dilute it a little bit, we used grey as the base instead. That gives it a very ashy tone with a hint of blue. Remember what I mentioned above, we customize and mix our own colors. :D

Pink + Blue + Green

We're near the middle of the list, how about a slightly creative balayage, with 3 colors? It starts with pink that looks like a small majority among the 3 colors, and in the middle, an ocean green and it ends with a slightly darker blue.

Coral Pink

The color is a beautiful variant of orange, or in greater detail, a pinkish light orange, a very happy and positive color. It's like adding a bit of pink to orange to increase the femininity of the overall look. Like what is found under the sea, a pink coral is a rare pinkish-red coral, known to provide strength and willpower.

Ash Violet

A combination of red and blue pigments, with more blue than red, it produces a very beautiful shade of violet. Now, let's add in a little bit of grey in it, just a tiny bit to retain most of the bluish-purple shade but with a tinge of the dusty ash.

Ash Violet (Darker Version)

Again? Haha. Notice that there is a difference between the two. This is a slightly darker shade of Ash Violet with a darker base color too. Notice how well both colors blend with each other. This is a very special color that exudes a low-profile elegance feel, as described by one of our clients.


Blonde is actually a very versatile color for our Asian hair. Because of this Asian hair structure, we're not able to do a direct light color without bleaching the hair and after that, it will fade to a blonde from whichever color that you did. But sometimes it may get a little too brassy (yellowish), just use a purple shampoo or a platinum blonde toning shampoo to get the vibrant milky blonde shade back to the hair. That's all you need for maintenance.

Ash Grey

Grey represents neutrality and balance as it is a shade between white and black. However, some might label it as dull instead. For myself, I see it as a very versatile color. As it is an in-between color, it goes well with both light and dark colors. Unlike dark color that requires light color to form a contrast, vice versa, grey can have contrast with almost any color and it will still look very pretty.

Silver Ash

Leaving this for the last, this is by far the most requested color and one of my personal favorites. Ash is a very popular color by itself, and even more well-loved when metal meets grey, forming a Silver Ash shade. It doesn't have to be complicated. Coupled with a black base, you have yourself a unique metallic silverish grey balayage.

And... we have reached the end of this article. I hope you enjoy our top 10 list of the balayage that our clients greatly love. Share this article with your friends if they need ideas for their next hair color. They will love you for doing this! Haha.

We are just a small group of people who love playing with color and doing our best for our clients, our customers, and everyone we know. If you would like to know more about our prices, send us a message on our FB, Instagram, or our Whatsapp. More photos on our Instagram, maybe give us a follow? Haha. Have a great day, stay safe and healthy! :)

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