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The Different Kinds Of Creative Highlights

Hello there! Highlights are simply pieces of hair in streaks that are lighter than your current hair color. There are many versions and variations of it as we can customize how we want the streaks to look like. You can have classic well-proportioned streaks, thick and obvious streaks, thin streaks like babylights, creative colored streak or even M-line (meteor line) that resembles a light source or meteor flying over the sky. Mythical!

As we aspire to be as creative as possible with our hair works, we can customize and do any kinds of highlights that you like. For a start, our Color + Highlights is at $158, to make our price easy to understand, this would be for all hair lengths inclusive of haircut and a miracle oil repair treatment.

In case you’re wondering, it’s called miracle oil because the treatment itself has a couple of useful minerals and vitamins to it, hence the name miracle, like an enhanced hair mask.

Here are the different kinds of highlights. The first one being classic highlights, in equal and perfect proportion between the base and highlights, looking very classy, neat and organized without losing the elegance of how a highlights should look like.

Next, let’s have the slightly more creative one, in thicker streaks to show a stronger contrast between the highlights and the base color. A very sunkissed look.

This would be a M-line (meteor line) highlights where it is meant to mimic how light travels through space. Like a streak of light (or streaks of scattered light) that cuts directly across, with delicate technique on the opening to mimic how light forms. Not all streaks of highlights will start from the roots, some start from the middle to give a scattered light feel. Truly artistic and creative.

Moving on, other than the highlights above, we have creative highlights in different colors too.

Ash Blonde

Ash Grey



Raspberry Wine

This is a little unique as the highlights are babylights instead of the classic or thick. Babylights are very thin streaks that are meant to blend with the base color to create a very natural style. This would be a modern and sophisticated kind of highlights. If you prefer a more natural, low-key and blending highlights, this would be it.

And... we have reached the end of this article. Share it with your friends if they need ideas for their next hair color. They will love you for doing this! Haha.

We are just a small group of people who love playing with color and doing our best for our clients, our customers, and everyone we know. If you would like to know more about our prices, send us a message on our FB, Instagram, or our Whatsapp. More photos on our Instagram, maybe give us a follow? Haha. Have a great day, stay safe and healthy! :)

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