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Introducing Japan Latest Anti Frizz Treatment

Hello! If you have clicked on this article to resolve frizz, you came to the right place! Be prepared to be mind blown with a lot of facts and knowledge. Haha. You might have tried rebonding before but it makes the hair even drier and frizzier in the long run. Or you might have tried keratin treatment but you have been told that you will not be able to do rebonding for the next 3 to 6 months.

Nothing is perfect as all products have their limitations. Take the keratin treatment for example. Certain brands of the keratin treatment will not allow coloring as what keratin does is that it covers the entire strand with a layer of keratin.

It is good for the hair as there is a huge protection but the other side of it is that there is too much protection and nothing can go in now. The dye will be stopped outside the layer, unable to penetrate into it.

Honest advice: If you have plans to do keratin treatment, make sure that you ask the salon/stylist if their brand of keratin treatment allows coloring after that. If not, work out a plan to do coloring before the keratin treatment, or do both in the same session.

Before I talk about the anti frizz treatment, how about I share more on why frizz happens? Hmm, ok, silence means consent. Hahaha. Pardon my craziness, I like to add a bit of fun to a serious article. More exciting this way!

So… Most of the time, it is always due to 2 reasons.

First. Overexposure of chemicals. Most of the time, there is a lack of balance. You are putting chemicals on the hair. In the process of the exposure to chemicals, the sulfate, or ammonia in the product suck out the moisture and cause damage to the hair cuticle. Are you doing to put back the moisture and repair the damages done?

As I have been in this industry for quite some time, most of my customers will try to save money by intensively doing conditioning at home. Do you know why conditioners need to be used everyday? Because most of the conditioners are like sunscreen, it protects the outer layer only. Are you able to apply once and stay safe from being sun-burnt forever? You can’t.

It works the same, it has to be applied everyday so you get to enjoy the effect. What happens when you stop using? The effect is gone, right? Now, do you understand why I said it only protects the outer layer? It’s like cosmetics, the outlook of the skin is being beautified but deep inside it is still the same. I’m not saying conditioners are of no use, most people are only utilizing 50% of it, I will write more about this next time.

Second. Daily products. Does your shampoo have sulfate? Or Paraben? We have been taught since young that bubbles cleanse our hair, making it clean and having a rubber-like texture. This is true, it cleans the hair but, at what cost?

Sulfate, aka the chemical that produces the bubbles when you lather it, actually dries out your hair in the long run. You don’t have to take my word for it. Google it. See for yourself. After doing that, you might want to consider using a sulfate-free shampoo from now on.

Imagine using something that takes away 1% moisture everyday, what happens when you use it long term? Dryness. Frizziness. Damaged hair. Or a combination of all of it. I have seen ladies who have not done a single chemical service before but have really dry hair. My usual question is, what product are you using everyday? Find the root cause, resolve from the roots.

Now, it’s time to reveal the Anti-frizz treatment that I have been talking about above. It’s our Color Lush Signature Treatment - Kera Ultra Softening Treatment that uses special japanese ingredients to provide a deep softening and smoothing effect. There will be photos attached below. But before that, let’s go through the process first with a before photo. :)


After bleaching your hair, most of the time if it is already dry, it will be drier and tangled.

If you have tangled hair like this after washing, this is an obvious sign of the hair lacking a lot of moisture. This will cause a chain effect such as increased breakage during combing, injuring the hair roots and scalp in the process. It’s not good.

You know the product is good when you see such a thick serum. This extremely premium thick and hair-nutritious serum is packed with tons of protein and keratin. It’s like bird nest for the hair. Haha. Premium!

This Japanese ultra softening product uses a high tech hair chemical formulation that copies the structure of our hair and fixes it by sending protein and keratin to the part that needs fixing. As our hair is made up of keratin and protein, sending more of it to the hair means it is able to reverse the hair condition back to how it was before with a bonus, a deep softening effect.

A bit of hair science. Looking at the picture above, do you see that the damaged cuticle has missing scales? This needed fixing. This will be where the protein and keratin got sent to.

The end result…






No, not this, this is the before hair. Haha. I wanted to show you again. Frizzy, damaged, tangled.

This is it.

The intense softening effect reduced the frizz by a lot.

And the good thing about this is, you don’t have to wait 3 to 6 months before you can rebond your hair. Just 2 weeks to a month will do. And unlike the keratin treatment where you might not be able to color your hair, with this, you can color it immediately. Anytime you want.

Color Lush Signature Treatment

Kera Ultra Softening Treatment

At $98, for all hair lengths, with free haircut included

Suitable for dry, dehydrated, frizzy, damaged, tangled, bleached and rebonded hair

We have also bundled this with our coloring and rebonding services -

Color + Kera Ultra Softening Treatment @ $138

With the treatment at $98, it means coloring is only at $40. In addition, haircut is included for free too. Coloring sometimes dries out the hair, we include this as a bundle for a reason, at a really affordable price.

Rebond + Kera Ultra Softening Treatment @ $188

Following the above illustration, with rebonding at $118, with the treatment, this means rebonding is only at $90. And haircut is included too. If you want straight, soft, and smooth hair, this ultra premium treatment adds a huge softening bonus to the rebonding straightening effect.

I hope you can see what we are doing here. We have a big dream of adding value to our customers by doing education on real knowledge. Just like what I have shared above on the conditioner, there are a lot of myths waiting for me to bust and a lot of truths waiting for me to speak. 3 rules. To be different, to be unique, and to use our heart to serve.

I hope you enjoy this article and received some value from it. With that, thank you so much for reading and I look forward to see you over at Color Lush Studio! :D

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