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Hair Color Trend 2022

Hello there! If you have been to our Instagram (colorlushstudio), you will see that we have many many many photos of different colors. Color that you might not have heard of before. Pink Mulberry, heard of it? How about Pewter Grey? Or Cloudy Blue? Or maybe a balayage combination between Yellow and Ash grey?

If you haven’t, you have come to the right place. These are very beautiful hair colors. Let’s start the ball rolling~

To give a brief introduction, the reason why we can create all these colors is that we mix our own colors. To put it simply, what do you get when you mix red and blue? Purple, right? Now, add in 20% ash pigment, we have Ash Purple now.

This give rise to multiple possibilities of colors that we can imagine but it takes a lot of experience and hard work behind it. Don’t try this at home! Haha. And the red carpet rolls for the first star, Lavender.


Like the flower, this beautiful light shade of purple has quite a complicated shade, like a bluish indigo. Pretty!

Pink Mulberry

The color mulberry by itself is a darker shade of purple, and we customized it by adding a little bit of pink. Talking about a creative color fusion, this color is definitely a success.

Cloudy Blue

Imagine the sky before it rains, it’s a lighter shade of blue with a bit of grey. Remember to keep your clothes! Hahaha.

Pewter Grey

Named after the 4th most popular metal for jewelry making, pewter is mostly grey but imports a blue-white tint. It’s not like the traditional ash grey color because you can clearly see a faintish blue shade among the grey. Definitely one of our customers' top pick for a grey shade.

Silver Ash

Like the ember from a freshly burnt wood, the newly produced ash has this light silverish tone which resembles the silver ash color that we have here. From an artistic point of view, this color is aesthetically beautiful.

Sandy Blonde

What is your first impression of this? It’s like Sand, yup? That’s exactly it. It is a shade of blonde, closer to yellow but with a little bit of ash pigment. Sort of the middle ground between ash blonde and blonde.

Light Grey

I included this in the list because when most people think of grey as a hair color, ash grey is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are also other shades of grey, such as the pewter grey above, and this light grey below.

Ash Purple

At first glance, it looks so much like ash grey but except it isn’t. It has a purple tint to it, like a creative twist to a popular color.

As we’re looking at all these different colors, at some point it’s going to get boring, let’s take it up another level and look at different combinations of colors. Why do one color when you can do two? Or maybe even three? But let’s start with two first. Haha.

And for 3 colors, this is a mermaid color with 3 different colors - Pink, Purple and Green. These are oceanic colors that blends very well with each other.

Next, for those who are interested in highlights, we’ll look at some examples of highlights of a different color. It don’t really need to be yellow or brown. Other colors are equally nice too, such as this.

Greyish Blue Highlights

Ash Blonde Highlights

Light Blonde Highlights

Pink Highlights

And lastly, I kept this two as the last for the honourary mention. Both are done without bleaching and they do not belong to the vibrant color category. However, I think it’s very nice to be able to have something different for a change as opposed to the traditional brown coloring.

Violet Red without bleaching

It might seem like a normal dark red color but the formulation is quite complicated. It’s not a simple red but a violet red instead. Which means, it’s a deep tone of rosy magenta, like a reddish tone of purple. I really like this.

Blue Black without bleaching

This color has been around for a very long time and slowly people are forgetting about this special color. Blue is actually one of the colors that has the strongest color pigment (other than brown/black) so you can use blue for a lot of creative works.

And... we have reached the end of this article. Now you can boast to your friends that you know a place that can do very special colors like Pink Mulberry or Pewter Grey. Share it with your friends if they need ideas for their next hair color. They will love you for doing this! Haha.

If you would like to see more of our hair works, click here to see more balayage, or here to see more highlights, or here to see more underlight.

We are just a small group of people who love playing with color and doing our best for our clients, our customers, and everyone we know. If you would like to know more about our prices, send us a message on our FB, Instagram, or our Whatsapp. More photos on our Instagram, maybe give us a follow? Haha. Have a great day, stay safe and healthy! :)

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