Free Haircut and Treatment

Hello! Yes, it seems like a crazy idea to give away free haircut and treatment. I understand, it sounds like a scam to me too when I first thought about it. Hahaha. It is really true, we are honestly giving away free haircut and treatment. Continue reading to find out more! :D


For our Singapore economy, although we are on a steady pathway of recovery, I'm sure all of us can agree that we are still quite a distance away from going back to how it was before.

From my own customers who have been with me for years, I have heard many sad stories and some of my close friends got retrenched during this period too. It is very sad, honestly. So I have been giving free haircut to my friends as it doesn't take up much time. Sometimes, it might be something very minor but it is able to bring happiness and joy. And to be able to brighten one's day, my time is very well-spent. Always strive to be kind and compassionate.

So my friends were asking how about we share this happiness to more people? To make the world a better place? Why not, and I agreed without thinking. Let's do it then! Like I said above, to be able to brighten one's day, it is worth it! Haha.  

Such times make me realize that there are actually a lot of things that we can do to offer to this society. Let the color lush team play our part by offering free haircut and treatment in an attempt to bring happiness and joy to more people.

Will we lose money? Yes, we will, maybe quite a lot. But I believe in kindness than money. I believe that when we have good intentions, somehow, someday, somebody will be kind to us too. Silly? Yes. Kind? Very.

If you are interested in the free haircut and treatment, let us help you, in return, I hope you can help us back by telling more people about this kind movement. Let our actions benefit more people. Book with your friends.  Let's share this joy together! :D

What will we be giving?

One session of haircut + Miracle Oil Repair Treatment. It will take about an hour or just slightly over an hour.

What is Miracle Oil Repair Treatment?

It is an oil-based treatment that is rich in amino acid and mineral oils. Amino acid is essential for the hair to function well. The minerals and nutrients in the oil will permeate and deposit in the inner structure of the hair, reconstructing it with a slight smoothing effect. Usually oil-based treatment is good for hair repair and frizz reduction.

Who will we be giving?

Anyone! :D

Extra perks?

Yes, you will also receive our VIP membership for free which you can utilize immediately for a 10% discount during the 2 weeks time frame (e.g coloring is at $68 normally, it will be at $61.20). The normal VIP discount is 5% and 10% (birthday month) but we will provide 10% for the period below if you are booking because of this post.

When can this be redeemed?

It will start on 8/10/2020 to 25/10/2020. We will accept bookings with these time slots, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm (we close at 8pm on Sunday/Monday so 7pm is the last slot for these 2 days).

How to redeem?

You can call us at 8858 0871 to arrange for an appointment or just send us a message on our FB. Just tell us that you saw the post on the free haircut and treatment and you would like to arrange for an appointment for (number of person) on (date) and (time). Very simple. Haha. But do note that due to the safe distancing, we only have 4 seats available for each time slot above so the slots are very very limited. Do book early!

Final words

We're just a bunch of silly but kind people who wants to do something good for people and the economy. I understand that it is currently a very difficult period. Let's work hard together to get over this. And let us help you to make it slightly better too. Nice hair leads to nice mood and that leads to a nicer life. Hahaha. Stay safe, stay healthy and may we all have the strength to get over this pandemic. Thank you for reading! :D